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A collection of thoughts, things I've learnt and things I want to remember

Weeknote #12

It has been a while. Again. My bad.

Lets try to recap whats happened in the last few months! I’ll try to keep it brief because it needs to cover a huge period - April to August!

Things worth noting include:

  • we’ve had a busy old time at work with lots of upheaval
  • but we’ve made small bits of progress
  • we drafted a planning-application specification
  • and built a prototype to test it using real, already available data
  • we are trying to open up our data standard design process, we’ve
  • all the above is managed in a googlesheet which keeps things simple for the team to maintain
  • I went on holiday to Zante. It was the first time I’ve been on an all-inclusive holiday. It was perfect for what we wanted
  • I won our FPL league with a late surge. It turns out being up there is stressful. But at least that monkey is off my bad 💪
  • I’ve started the new FPL season still hungover 🤦‍♂️
  • Vanessa and I went back to Seville for a weekend. I ate the best pulpo 🐙
  • we had the wettest summer of all time - possibly an exaggeration but it was awful
  • oh yeah, and we moved to Addis Ababa ✈️