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Weeknote #11

  • url: /notes/weeknote/weeknote-28042023/ created: 2023/04/28 updated: 2023/05/04

I'm sorry I haven't updated my weeknotes in a while. It's been a busy few weeks at work and home.

A lot has happened in that time. Including:

  • Matt and Gwen started on the Data standards team. So, we now have an entire multi-disciplinary team 💪
  • We went straight into it with a team kick-off in London (see team weeknotes)
  • I was ill - nothing serious, just a bad case of man-flu.
  • I went to Altea, Spain, for a long weekend. Lovely place.
  • It was Easter.
  • We developed a draft specification for development plan timetables, which should help users create valuable data during any plan-making process.
  • I've been trying to get people to understand that a data standard doesn't answer all your questions; it gives you the raw ingredients you need to answer them.
  • I've been to 1000 meetings. Some of them multiple times 😢
  • I used Mermaid to generate some relational diagrams. Psd then trumped it with his bespoke tool.
  • I wrote more JS than I have for a while. That was tough. And it is probably pretty rubbish.
  • I used ChatGPT for a helpful thing.
  • We ran a data creation workshop to test the development plan standard.
  • I ate the best meal I've ever had 😋