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Bocas Del Toro Panama and start of Costa Rica!

Posted by elijahmo on May 25th, 2008

Day 90 - We were really tired from the early bus and we got a water taxi out the main island of Bocas Del Toro just off the North Western Panamanian coast. Got the boat at 6am and then managed to have some breakfast and find a hotel all by 8am! Then went back to bed as we were shattered! Got up in time to go out for some lunch and then had a wander round the town and found out what tours were available etc. Then about 5pm we got a water taxi over to nearby island about ten minutes away called Isla Bastimentos to go out for dinner. It was a really nice laid back island with a good caribbean vibe and friendly people and we met a very cool little kid dancing outside his house as music was blasting out. He was only about four but was quite a mover! Then found a really nice place for dinner overlooking the sea and hada really nice dinner before getting a water taxi back to our island about 8pm and watched a film on the dvd player before bed!

Day 91 - Up at 7.30am and had some breakfast we had abought from the supermarket. To save money we have bought a bowl and a spoon each to take round with us so we can buy cereal and milk in the mornings for cheap breakfasts. We then headed down to the sea front where we had booked ourselves onto a day tour. First port of call on the boat was dolphin bay…and it didn´t disappoint. We saw loads of dophins swimming through the surface of the water and saw a few mother and babies. Then our boat captain capped it off by doing circles in the water and the wake left in the water from the speeboat engine created waves which the dophins obligingly jumped over through the water and looked like they were having alot of fun. Then headed on to a beautiful snorkelling spot called Coral caye and then a had a nice lucnh of chicken rice and beans on aq restaurant built over the sea. The water was beautifully green and turqiose and transparent. Then onto another snorkelling spot then finally a couple of hours on a abeach only accessible by boat and a short walk through the jungle. Fantastic day all in all! Then back to our island and out for a very nice dinner. Cat had fresh fish in lemon with rice and I had a huge cheeseburger!

Day 92 - Up at 7am and on the boat out of Bocas islans back to the mainland at 8am. It took about an hour to get back to the mainland then a short minibus ride to the to the place where the bus which we wanted, departed! We got on the 10am bus to Costa Rica and out next country. The bus took about 7 hours ish and we got into San Jose, the capital, which had very little going for it and went straight and found a hostel. Found a good hostel with a pool and we had a dorm room for ten dollars a night each which isn´t too bad. Then got an early night as not much to do there!

Day 93 - Up at 10.30am…..bit of a lie in and then got packed up an checked out of the room! Managed to watch the first half of the Championsa League final and then had to set off to the bus station for another day of travel. Got the 2.30pm bus bound for a place in the North of Costa Rica called Monteverde. Basically it was a terrible journey, had over a two wait in a traffic jam just for a few road works that were blocking the entire road and the journey ended up taking 7 hours instead of four and a half. Anyway, got to monteverde and checked into our very nice and very cheap hostel!

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